Here is a quick post listing the things that got done around my place during the month of May. This post is actually more for me than you — so I can keep track of what needs to be done and when throughout the year.

At the bottom is a really a cool photo of my yard, if you care enough to make it all the way through my boring list.

Yard/House Maintenance

  • Raked and de-thatched the lawns
  • Overseeded and fertilized front lawn (thankfully the back yard doesn’t need it this year)
  • Weeded dandelions a few times (no weed killer allowed in my yard!)
  • Hosed off house and garage. (I do this once a year to get the street grime off it)

Pond Maintenance

  • Removed leaves and debris from pond, edges and waterfall
  • Removed and cleaned winter aerator/heater thingy
  • Mucked out pond pump
  • Inspected, cleaned and hooked up pond filter
  • Connected waterfall
  • Brought out bridge


First trip to the garden store for the year.

First trip to the Garden centre!

  • Took my first trip to Golden Acres and Sunnyside garden centres
  • Pruned my shrubs
  • Staked peonies
  • Planted some bulbs
  • Moved a few existing perennials
  • Planted several new perennials
  • Planted some pole beans
  • Potted a Japanese maple
  • Removed suckers from lilacs

Decor and Stuff

  • Brought out and cleaned the furniture
  • Sanded and re-stained the deck
  • Sanded and re-stained the porch
  • Uncovered and cleaned BBQ and got a tank of propane
  • Filled planters
  • Hung lanterns


Check this out!

Here is 360 degree snapshot ‘bubble’ of my backyard one evening in the last weekend in May. So cool!

Take care,