Don’t laugh, but I didn’t like the font of my house numbers:


I found the style too traditional –  fat and fancy – for my liking. I know. Such a stupid thing to worry about, but at the beginning of my career I spent over six years in a design agency, watching my co-workers literally agonize over finding the perfect font. I learned to take typography very seriously. So decided to change them up for something a bit more in-line with my style. Simple, clean and a little bit fun.

I picked up a new set of numbers from my local Lowe’s that had been catching my eye for a couple years.


They are a sleek, thin, contemporary, sans serif font that can be installed either flush to the surface or raised on little posts. I like the raised option for a bit of depth.

This wasn’t actually as easy as you’d think it would be. I thought I could pop the old numbers off and get the new ones on in under an hour.  But when I took the old numbers off I  realized they left a super-ugly ghosted outline and screw holes from the old numbers.


To do the job right, I needed to fill and sand the holes and paint the pillar. Before heading off to the store, I wanted to get as much done as I could so I followed the steps – measure, level and tape the number templates to the post.

numbers 2

Punch holes to mark the screw holes and drill a pilot hole with a 1/4″ bit. Drill the actual post hole with a 3/4″ bit.

numbers 3

Screw the posts onto the backs of the numbers.


For a couple of seconds I thought I could get away with NOT painting the pillar…but it really looked like crap.


So I  painted the pillar.


(and actually all the rest of the trim on the front landing while I was at it…)

Then I attached the new numbers, caulked them with acrylic caulk to make them permanent.



And done!


I think it looks way better. But truthfully, most people probably won’t even notice. Like a haircut.

Oh well. They make me happy.