This week: Heirloom Peony

When my grandmother passed away, my mom dug up a chunk of the peony plant that had been growing outside her house for decades.

She planted it at her house, and when my older sister bought her home my mom gave her a piece to plant.

The first summer after I bought my home my mom brought a chunk and planted it in a sunny spot under a lilac tree just as you walk through the side gate. It has taken quite a few years to establish itself  – and has only bloomed a couple of times. One or two flowers a year.

This year it has really taken off.


The plant is big and lush, and there is a shock of bright fuchsia when you come through the gate. Crazy bright pink.

After a day or two the fuchsia fades to a lighter pink shade with white edges.

IMG_1800I don’t know what variety it is….a lot of them look the same. maybe a Karl Rosenfield ?


This makes me smile and pause and think of my grandma every time I look at it.

Have a great weekend!