This week: Jackmanii Clematis

I’ve been meaning to provide a bit more content to readers of this blog (hi mom!) other than just posting pretty flowers on Fridays. I’ve been busy behind the scenes on a couple of  BIG things I can’t wait to share (soon!) and I apologize for not posting more.

Summer arrived last weekend and already seems to be flying by. It’s supposed to be crazy hot this weekend and things are starting to go a bit crazy in the back yard. Everything is well beyond my expectations this year. I can spend hours in the back yard pointing my camera at pretty things.

The flower I want to show off this week is my Jackmanii Clematis. This is a two-year old Group III Clematis that I put in at the base of one of the trellises on my pergola. It didn’t do much last year, but this year came out with guns a blazin’.

By late May it was already about 3 feet high:



And about a week and a half ago it started blooming like crazy. I kind of forgot what the flowers were going to look like and I was gobsmacked at how truly gorgeous they are:



The color is dark, rich and subtle burgundy and the flowers are  HUGE. They are almost the size of a small dinner plate.



There is another plant on another trellis next to this one that isn’t doing as well. It’s been dwarfed by an astilbe that is stealing all it’s sun. I’m hoping it will have one or two blooms this year while I figure out what to do with it next year.

In the meantime, here is another shot of this handsome man, Jack.


Have a great weekend!