I don’t have many flowering plants in the yard. I realized a few days ago this is because it actually makes me sad when they die.  I should really look at that in therapy. I think it’s because just takes so darn long for them to bloom and they hardly last any time at all. I look forward to it so much and then poof. Over. Sniff.

I’m going to try to photograph the flowers that do bloom this year and share them every week – mainly so I can remember them in their glory, before they are gone.

Thanks for being a cheap therapist, Blog.

I have a quite a few clumps of Siberian iris around the yard – back by the pond. I love the long, spiky graceful leaves and funny purple flowers that look like they are sticking out their funny yellow tongues at me.


I haven’t had much luck with blooms until this year because I think it’s been too shady for them. They grow long and leggy, but have gotten little (if any) blooms. I was pleasantly surprised to see by early June I already have quite a few flowers showing up.  It think this is due to the fact I’ve got a lot more light back there since pruning a large Maple tree after a heavy snowstorm  kicked the crap out of it in the fall. I have more light all over the yard and my garden is thriving.


Whatever the reason, I’m super happy. At least for now.






Have a great weekend!