Business up front and party in the back.

I was trying to think of a clever title for a post about my yard, because it really is the show-stopper of my little home. The inside of my house is ADORABLE but once you get past the general cuteness, you’ll realize it’s really just a little blue and yellow box filled with matchy-matchy furniture and kept really clean. My yard, however, is a different story. It literally took my breath away when I walked into my yard for the first time on a house-hunting trip. It triggered what I can only describe as a maternal instinct – a feeling so strong my heart fell into my stomach and I knew I needed to be the person to care for this yard and watch it grow. Or maybe I was just queasy from the price tag and 30-year commitment. Whatever it was, it sucker punched me and I never looked back.

I’ll be the first to admit, I can’t take credit for the bone structure of the landscape design. It has evolved over 100 years and who knows how many owners. I will, however, take credit for it’s current haircut. And I gave it a mullet. Party on, dude.

Business up front:


The front of my yard is small and sweet. There are some nicely manicured beds with perennials and a few shrubs. Fronted by a postage stamp-sized lawn (that I struggle with every year) and a beautiful stone pathway my dad built for me two years ago. Oh, a HUGE pine tree in the corner that I worry will topple over in a windstorm and crush me to death in my sleep.

Please don't kill me, tree.

Please don’t kill me, tree.


My yard has a ton of curb appeal and sweet little old ladies like to stop to talk to me about it on weekends when I drink coffee on my porch or pull dandelions from the lawn. It’s a sweet little old lady yard.


That secretly likes to rock out on air guitar behind closed doors:


My backyard is actually a little ridiculous when you break it all down. There’s a deck. There’s a porch. There’s a pergola. There’s a pond and a bridge and a waterfall and a freakin’ yellow brick road. My backyard is a secret world of Oz. I sometimes wish I never have to leave.

My secret world of OZ

My secret world of Oz.


It’s a work in progress that I can dream about during our long, cold and dark Canadian winters. And it’s a peaceful, quiet place I can escape to during our short, cold Canadian summers. There’s definitely never enough time to enjoy it before the snow flies.

Deck drinks, anyone?

Deck drinks, anyone?


Our summer is literally only a few weeks long, and even then it sometimes snows in the middle of it. Getting any type of plant to grow can be a challenge, and finding time to sit down and enjoy the results is often even tougher. There’s always a ton of work to do, and never enough time or money to do it.

I have several projects planned for my yard this summer and can’t wait to see what actually shapes up over the next few months…I’m busy writing a list of all the things I still want to do back here:

What I saw writing this post. That's so meta, Internet.

What I saw writing this post. That’s so meta, Internet.

Do you have big plans for your yard this summer? I’d love to hear about them. See you next time around.

xo T