Seriously folks, take time to stop and smell the flowers.

I hardly ever think to pick any of the flowers that grow in my yard. I have very few flowering plants to begin with, and I usually just let them bloom in the garden and then die and fade away. This morning I cut a few stalks from the Lily of the Valley that are growing by the side of my house and brought them to my office because I love their small, delicate little bells, and I needed a little work pick-me-up. I thought they would be pretty on my desk (which they are) and I am BLOWN AWAY at the fragrance of these little guys. I had no idea they smelled so lovely. My entire office was filled with their sweet smell today.



I’ve had them growing in my yard for years and I’ve literally never taken the time to smell them. Whenever I catch a whiff of flowers down that side of the house, I always thought it was from the lilacs on tree right beside the Lilly of the Valley. Nope. These little guys are the ones packing the big, aromatic punch.


This is the easiest flower to grow…I’ve heard people say it’s invasive, but I have it in my front squished between a walkway and a spruce tree and it comes back every year, happy as can be, but contained in one small area. I may see a stray leaf or two popping out between the cracks of the walkway, but nothing I can’t manage.

I literally don’t do anything to care for it. Not even water. They do ok with whatever falls from the sky. It’s apparently drought tolerant and likes dry shade, I got dry. I got shade. I am considering planting some in behind my pond waaaay in the back to act as a bit of a ground cover in a really dry, shady corner that gets no attention. At least that way it might smell pretty.

So that’s all I have for you today. A pretty white flower and some advice to stop and smell it.lily3


See you around.