I suck at grass.

This is what my back lawn looked like before I moved in – most likely in late July or early August of 2009. See the pretty, PRETTY, green grass? Granted, there wasn’t much of it, tucked in behind the house, but what was there, was nice. Nice and green and thick and pretty. THIS is what grass is supposed to look like:

Before, before.

Sadly, all I have to remember this beautiful grass are two photos… a teensy photo from MLS from before I moved in (above) and  a shot of what it looked like in the first summer I lived here (below).

Before I got my hands on it, it actually looked like this:

Way before

BUT THEN….a tragic sequence of events and some serious lawn neglect turned my lawn onto a crusty, weedy, cement pad of ghetto grass.


One of the first things I had to do in my yard was remove that little tree in the photo above. It was planted in the DUMBEST spot in the yard. Right smack in the way when you came in through the side gate. It completely blocked that entrance to the yard. More times than I’d like to remember, my guests would walk through the gate and get smacked in the face with branches and leaves. It had to go.

Then, we realized the small back addition to the house wasn’t actually built on a foundation. Like NONE.  It’s amazing the house didn’t sink into the ground because the siding boards were literally sitting in the dirt. My amazing Dad built up the bottom of this part of the house as best he could, to stop the back part of my home from literally falling off.  In doing so, a large chunk of the grass near the edge of house had to be dug up. Then, add in the fact this is a very slope-y and sunny spot. Every time it rains it turns to mud. When the sun shines the mud dries and cracks.  Sooooooo…the perfect storm of a big empty tree-hole, years of neglect, giant chunks of earth dug away from the house and a lot of water running down a hill eventually turned a cute little patch of grass into this tropical paradise:



I know, right? I hate it too.

It is a huge, dirty, ugly armpit and drives me around the bend.



This part of my yard makes me need therapy.

I have two different ideas of what to do here in the longer term – build a nice pie-shaped patio to BBQ and sunbathe on (it’s the sunniest spot in the yard). Or extend the porch so I have a nice big wooden deck across the span of the house. I might be dreaming, to think I could ever make that happen……but in my very rich imagination, it’s lovely.

Until then – I have decided to try to embrace my inner suburban, lawn-lovin’ dad stereotype and cultivate a beautiful, luscious, thick, green patch of lawn.

And I’m doing it old school. I’d actually love to be able to hire a couple of hunky summer landscapers to come and sod this for me, but sadly the cost is prohibitive so I bought a big bag of grass seed and went to town.


Freshly seeded:


That Mother Nature is a freakin’ miracle worker.  Two weeks in…can you see what I see?

photo (6)


photo (10)

I feel like such a proud parent!


It’s not much yet….but I will definitely keep you posted.

And, here. Just ’cause I love ya:


So there.

See you around!