I’m an obsessive list maker. I make lists for everything…things I need to buy, places I need to go, things I need to do, people I need to call or see. Nothing feels better than crossing something off a list. Big or small. Easy or hard. I love lists so much, I’ve been known to write a complete list of things I’ve already done, just to cross things off and feel like I’ve accomplished something. Don’t lie. You’ve all done it too.

And I’m positive there are many people just like me out there. List makers unite! (or maybe it should read: List makers take a minute to check in with your therapists because you are engaging in obsessive-compulsive behaviour. Again.)

I keep an on-going and growing list in a pretty little book called “My big list of things to do” (pretty clever, right?) And it is pretty much covers everything that I want to do, fix and buy for my home. Big or small. Realistic or dreamy…it’s on the list.

I’ve decided to share a couple of my lists here  – I haven’t included the list that says ‘buy cat food’ or ‘make hair appointment’ or “DO YOGA!!’ Just the stuff I think you may possibly care about. I’ve also classified them according to how much time, energy and money it will cost. Rest assured (Mom and Dad), the $$$$ items are probably just pipe dreams, but I keep them on my list regardless. Can’t hurt to dream right? The Secret works, dammit, The Secret works!

So without further a-DO (Ha! See what I did there?) here are all my current lists:

To Do – Inside

  • Replace upstairs windows – bedrooms/bathroom/dining room ($$$$)
  • Buy new washer and dryer ($$)

    When I grow up, I want to be stainless steel. And front-loading.

    When I grow up, I want to be stainless steel. And front-loading.

  • Install French doors off laundry room ($$$$)
  • Dormer roof and add loft ($$$$)
  • Create useable office in second bedroom ($$$)
    • built in desk and shelves ($$)
    • Install beadboard wainscotting ($)
    • Install new light fixture ($$)
What is behind door number two?

What is behind door number two?

  • Re-hang living room art
  • Replace floor heat register covers ($)
  • Change light fixture in bedroom ($$)
  • Install window covering over kitchen window ($)

I’ve been naked for too long. I need some clothes please.

  • Replace living room window blinds with higher quality ones ($)
  • De-creepify Basement ($$$)
    • Clean and paint stairs ($$)
    • Repair and paint concrete floor ($$)
    • Organize shelves ($)
    • Paint, paint, paint ($$)
No. Just no.

No. Just no.



To Do – Outside


Good from far. Far from good.

Well that's just ugly.

Well that’s just ugly.

  • Plant new bed under porch stairs ($)
Any suggestions?

What to put here? Any suggestions

  • Add garden lights ($)
  • Add pond lights ($)
  • Build new pathway on north side of house ($$)
  • Build out patio area around pond ($$$)
  • Change side path on north side of house ($$)
  • Re-stain deck ($$)
It didn't look so bad until that pretty girl moved in next door.

It didn’t look so bad until that pretty girl moved in next door.

  • Install alley motion detector lighting ($$)
  • Build new stone walkway through backyard (replace yellow brick road) ($$$)

    We're off to see the Wizard....

    We’re off to see the Wizard….

After owning my home for a few years, many of the things have already been crossed off…sometimes the items were crossed off out of necessity but too soon for my pocketbook. This is the Ta-DONE list:


  • Replace roof 
  • Replace furnace 
  • Replace hot water heater 
  • Replace front cobblestone walkway
  • Build front steps
  • Cut down two old dead trees in backyard 
  • Repair and insulate downstairs creepy crawl space
  • Replace platform deck
  • Build privacy screen/pergola
  • Re-design backyard landscaping
  • Install backyard motion-detector lighting
  • Repair/waterproof front porch
  • Insulate exterior creepy crawl space
  • Install electrical outlet on deck

Finally – I would be a complete a-hole of a daughter if I didn’t give huge kudos to my Mom and Dad for their un-yielding support, talent, creativity, knowledge and financial help in helping me get my home to where it is right now. A lot of the crosses on the list above are due COMPLETELY to them. And I can never thank them enough. Get used to hearing about them…they are the best.


See you around.

xo T