Ok…so this is fun.

I was cruising around on Google Maps street view the other day and realized that you can click a button and go back in time to see the historical photos from when they first started mapping the ENTIRE EARTH. For my particular address they have photos going back to 2007 and I was pretty shocked to see what an ugly duckling my little house used to be:


NOW (JULY 2014)20114


Holy crap, hey?

I LOVE to see how much things can change with a little hard work over time.  This is a really easy way to see all of the improvements that have happened over the years to my wee little house. Isn’t it CRAZY to see how simple paint is to make something look SO. MUCH. BETTER.

In these photos it’s really easy to see the new trim, roof and walkway. The trim was not my idea but painting it white was clearly a good one (it was this way when I moved in – in 2009) My dad replaced the crazy stone path in 2011 and I got a new roof in 2012.  That’ pretty much all the exterior improvements I’ve done to the front except for some landscaping.

It’s not as easy to see the landscaping changes in these photos, but I ripped out an ugly rose bush from the front bed (to the right of the pathway) – planted a new spirea in it’s place. The daylilies around the spruce tree are new as well (transplanted there about 3 years ago from a big clump on the other side of the path)


Here it is in chronological order.

SEPTEMBER 2007:2007



MAY 2009:

APRIL 2012:



July 2014:


This new Google tool just entertains me so, so SO much. As creepy as it sounds I’ll be the first to admit I’m a bit of a home voyeur. I love seeing how other people live and like to peek in windows at night (from the street of course!) just to see how furniture is arranged or what color walls are painted.  Using Streetview I’ve poked around my entire neighbourhood (alleys included) to see how much things have changed.

As an aside – just as much as I love seeing the changes at my house, I also love seeing the changes that have been happening at my neighbour’s place as well….in particular seeing their pergola porch magically appear and watching their little weeping caragana grow. I LOVE that little wraparound porch.It was an inspiration for my backyard garden pergola.

I’ve started going back to find more ‘before and afters’ to see other changes that have happened over the years. Stay tuned!